The Price Of Replacing An Ignition Switch

Replacing An Ignition Switch in SF

One of the biggest concerns you will have to face as a car owner is problems with your ignition. These problems can range from simple niggles that you can live with or easily resolve, to major problems that will require an ignition change out.

A problematic ignition with keys getting stuck or breaking off will usually require the services of a professional, such as your local Locksmith in South San Fransico; however, if the problems persist then you will require the services of a specialist.

Some of the ignitions problems that you can face, and that can be resolved with the help of your locksmith, are:

The Key Gets Stuck In The Ignition

When your key repeatedly gets stuck in your car’s ignition, it can lead to an endless amount of frustration. To remove the offending key that is stuck in the ignition you can try spraying it with a little all purpose mechanical oil or WD40 to lubricate it. More often than not this will work and you will not need to call your locksmith, but if the key remains stuck you will have to get professional help to avoid breaking the key altogether.

However, if this problem occurs more than once you should consider replacing your ignition switch.

A Broken key

When a key breaks in the ignition, you can use a pair of bottle-nosed pliers or tweezers to remove the piece of the key that is still stuck in the lock. If the key is broken off too far down, the wafers and pins can close over it making it a lot harder to reach; in this case you will have to pull the pins back to reach the key. Too much fiddling and you can damage your ignition, so consider getting professional help.

Again, if this happens more than once then it is time to replace the ignition switch.

Call Your Local Locksmith

In any of these events, it is always best to call for professional assistance. Your local locksmith can help you to remove the offending key without ruining the lock or damaging the ignition. He will also be able to check your ignition and advise you on whether it needs to be replaced or not to save you from further problems and expense.

The Price Of An Ignition Change Out

If you are experiencing the above problems frequently you might decide that it is time for an ignition change out. This can only be done by an auto mechanic and the price can vary greatly from car to car and depending on how many other parts are linked with your ignition and will need to be changed along with it. The average price of a new ignition can vary from $200 at the low end, to up to $700 at the high end, and if your car requires the Engine Control Unit to be replaced along with the car’s ignition then the cost can escalate into the thousands of dollars.

Although an ignition change out is both an expense and an inconvenience, when you are faced with the problems of a broken ignition or keys that get repeatedly stuck or broken, then it becomes imperative and will save you time and money in the long run.

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