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Four Steps to Securing Your Home & Business

We all know that that San Francisco is fabulous. But in a big city like San Francisco, basic security precautions are a necessity.

San Fransciso’s crime rate has been declining (yay us!) – but it’s still much higher than that state and national rates, and it’s higher than a lot of other big US cities. (Seriously – our crime rates are way higher than cities like New York and Chicago. Though we can take comfort in being loads safer than Detroit.)

So how do you protect yourself?

You need to know that you and your family are safe in your home, and you want to be assured that when you leave your business at night, your merchandise and assets will still be there in the morning.

Fortunately, basic precautions go a long way. Most crime is opportunistic, which means that the criminal takes advantage of an existing situation – a broken lock, an open deadbolt, a missing window grille. If you close up those little security loopholes, you’ll have radically reduced your chances of experiencing a break-in.

So what’s the best way to double-check your home or business’s security? Make friends with a reputable San Francisco locksmith.

(Hey! We’re a San Francisco locksmith! Wanna be friends?)

Here’s what a good locksmith (like us!) can do for you:

1. Upgrade your locks.

That rusty lock that’s been on your front door since the Johnson administration? Not getting it done.  You need good hardware properly installed. We can check out what you have and make recommendations for any upgrades. (Don’t worry though—we’re friendly and honest, so we only suggest upgrades if you really need them.)

2. Make sure your windows actually lock.

Thirty percent of break-ins happen through a window – and most intruders target a first-floor window as their main entry point.

Know why? Most window locks suck. (Plus people leave their windows open a lot, but that’s a whole different security issue.) Those little sash locks that “lock” a double-hung window? Those are really easy to jimmy from the outside – and you’d better believe your average burglar knows how to do it in a flash.

You’ve got two options here. You could nail all your windows shut – some people do – but we’re thinking you’d like to preserve both your woodwork and your access to fresh air.

So we suggest installing sash locks that lock with a key. It’s an easy installation (and we have a ton of hardware styles to choose from), and once it’s done, your windows will no longer be easy pickings.

3. Secure your ground-floor windows.

Yup, we’re still talking about windows. Because, seriously, that‘s how most intruders get in.

Even with your fancy new sash locks, a ground floor window can still be broken. That goes double if you own a store with a big display window. So you need a little extra protection there.

Your best bet? Install window bars or a window grille. At KeyPass Locksmith, we have a full range of decorative window grilles – so you can select a style that complements your building.

Your windows will still do window-type things (like admit sunshine and fresh air), but a broken window will no longer compromise the security of the whole building. With a good window grille, no one but no one is coming inside without your permission.

4.     Rekey your locks.

Let’s be real here: If you’re renting an apartment or leasing your business premises, you’re probably not the first tenant in that space. And that means you have no idea who else has a copy of your key. (Maybe that last tenant. And maybe his 64 best friends who each got a copy in case of emergency.)

This is more pressing if you’re renting, but even if you own your home: did you rekey the locks when you moved in? Do you KNOW that you have possession of every single key ever made for your locks? Probably not, right?

And if you own a business and have ever fired an employee who had a key – did you rekey the locks? If not, that ex-employee might just be your business’s biggest security hole.

At KeyPass Locksmiths, we can rekey all your locks, so you know exactly who has a copy of your key.

And we can even key all your locks to a single key. Just think – only one key to carry. Super convenient, right? Plus, it helps prevent unexpected lockouts.

Other Things A San Francisco Locksmith (Like Us!) Can Do For You

KeyPass Locksmith is a full-service locksmith, so we can help you out with just about anything. We provide residential, commercial & industrial, automotive, and emergency locksmith services throughout San Francisco. We take calls 24 hours a day and we’ll dispatch a locksmith anywhere in the city – even in the middle of the night.



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  • Interior locks
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  • Keyed sash locks
  • Deadlocks

Commercial & Industrial

  • Warehouse locks
  • Window bars
  • High security locks
  • Keyless locks
  • Safes & vaults
  • Lockouts
  • Rekeying
  • Heavy equipment keys
  • Key control programs
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Desk locks
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Call us today. We want to be your San Francisco locksmith – and we can promise that your home and business security will only benefit from the relationship.
KeyPass Locksmith – The San Francisco Locksmith You Can Count On

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Call us today. We want to be your San Francisco locksmith – and we can promise that your home and business security will only benefit from the relationship.

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